The 17-Mile Drive

I love the California coast. It’s buzzing with all kinds of scenery and of all the iconic west coast road trips, the 17 Mile Drive is one of the most  scenic in Pebble Beach, California. It’s one of those few places that stays picturesque all year long. You can expect to see turquoise beaches, rugged cliffs, groves of cypress trees, wildlife and some impressive mansions along the 21 stop route. From when you enter the gated community to when you leave, all you need to do is drive along the dotted red lines to hit all 22 of the stops. Here are some of my favorites.

Huckleberry Hill

The Huckleberry Trees of the Del Monte Forest

This area has a lot of trees and is one of the highest points along the route giving you quite a view of the North Pacific ocean.

The view of the pacific ocean from Huckleberry Hill

Asilomar State Beach

An accidental de-tour led us to this rocky beach along the open ocean with some interesting terrain.

Ice Plant Meadows along Asilomar State Beach

The Lone Cypress

Among the last few stops is this 200+ year old Cypress tree – having to face high speed winds on a daily basis it is stunted in height compared to the other cypress trees but somehow manages to survive out there on its own.

The Ghost Tree

The REAL Ghost Tree stop didn’t really seem as interesting compared to this magnificent view of the sunset opposite it. There are remnants of really old cypress trees bleached by high speed winds that cast shadows on the view of the open ocean.


15 thoughts on “The 17-Mile Drive

  1. We live in the Bay Area and like you, I love the California coast. Half Moon Bay is among our most recent discovery, and also the Pacifica. Never been to the places you mentioned but will definitely check them out 👍🏽

  2. California always looks so vibrant; even after the sun goes down! It kind of looks like my home in mid north coast NSW, Australia, but it still very exotic and exciting. the sea you found on a detour could be my favourite here – the things you find when you take an unplanned detour!

    1. Thanks Viviane! 🙂 spontaneous adventures are my favorites!
      Australia is one of the big places on my bucket list! Hopefully I can plan a trip out there soon!

  3. My husband’s grandfather had a house right on 17 mile drive. Can you imagine? Unfortunately it is no longer in the family. But what a lovely coastline

  4. OMG! How come I could not sacrifice a day to spend in my last trip to California. This place looks such a peaceful and beautiful. I hope spending mornings here are worth experiencing!
    Wonderful post! Cheers!

    1. I live 2 hours away from this place and didn’t know it existed till about a month ago! haha! I feel you… there are a lot of places hidden in nooks and crannies specially along this coast,

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