Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is one of the fastest growing travel destinations in Mexico and why wouldn’t it be? Turquoise blue coastlines, tequila, salsa and chips, cerviche, wonderfully rich culture, the warm tropical sunshine, friendly locals and downtown shopping are some of the many reasons why you’d find yourself in Puerto Vallarta.

Taking in the beautiful panoramic view from our room on one of the top floors
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We stayed at Dreams, a resort in PV that offers panoramic views of the ocean and has direct access to the beach. Staying at all inclusive resort is a huge temptation to stay in and miss out on all the fun experiences Mexico had to offer but we made it a point to break away for a couple of days and hit most of the places on our bucket-list. Here are the ones that stood out the most:

El Malecon

Los Arcos - a little bit of history along the Malecon
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‘Malecon’ roughly translates to ‘pier’ or the boardwalk. The walk along the Malecon immerses the wayfarer through an enchanting experience – From touristy things like getting your caricature sketch, practicing your Spanish or watching the local artists perform to shopping for antics, trying the local food and taking pictures, there’s plenty to do while you admire the beautiful view of the ocean! Here are some shots further into the city. You will find a variety of stores. Things to get: Silver jewelry, tequila, tequila chocolates, Mexican guava cheese and souvenirs.

A local artist rendering the famous Los Arcos onto Casa Tradicional
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Los Muertos Pier

Los Muertos Pier
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The blue water contrasts beautifully with the boat sail shape of this bridge and especially at night when the lights go on this bridge is a lovely highlight against the cobalt blue refection of itself on the ocean. Hands down this is the most crowded beach in PV any time of the day and is a hub to many activities like para sailing/ gliding or just sailing.


Lots of street vendors and souvenirs
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Bucerias is a small fishing town along the Bay of Banderas. For an authentic experience, this place is a must! The streets are laced with shops of locally made souvenirs at the best rates available in PV. You can find everything from T-Shirts, mugs, key-chains and kitchenware to Quartz chess boards and indoor swings selling for a nominal price. (Tip: Most of the the street vendors here are open to bargaining)

Parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe

A lovely iron crown over the historic building
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Prepare to be mesmerized by the stunning renaissance architecture of this church. The lovely clock tower is topped with an iron crown carried by angels.

The best time to visit is around December when the humidity is much more bearable with lower temperatures. All in all, visiting Mexico was a rich cultural experience and I would do it all again. Even though the all inclusive resort was an enticing experience, I’d advise you to skip the all inclusive and invest in the local food, culture and shopping.. something I plan on doing next time. Yes, I already know this won’t be my last trip to Mexico!

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