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Adventures at Dusk, Santa Cruz

After a week long of rain, the sun was finally shining and so a couple of friends and I set off to explore Santa Cruz. This was attempt 1 at crossing through highway 1. We stopped by for a quick lunch – not far from the Natural Bridges State Beach at a place called the West End Tap and Kitchen.

I loved the ambiance of this place! It’s sort of a cross between a diner and a sports bar with some family vibes thrown in.

The food is really good for just how busy it is here. Their burgers are quite generous and juicy and come with a tray of endless fries.

Their cheese plates offer a selection of 3 cheeses with some sea salt crostini and seasonal pairings. This is something no cheese lover like myself can resist.

And as a palette cleanser, this lovely bottle of ginger beer was spectacular!

We drove down to the Beach  after lunch where there is this really cool natural bridge across the beach forming two arches. At one point both the sections were connected but the earth is always changing!

A few minutes down the road we stopped by this amazing cliffy coastline illuminated by the dim sunset. I’m still getting a hang of using my camera with low lighting. These pics don’t do enough justice to the majestic west coastline of Santa Cruz. It takes a little bit of careful stepping to get to the edge but the view is definitely worth it.

At Dusk the sun sets across the ocean forming a beautiful orange gradient above the deep blue sea. With lovely vantage points high on the cliffs, this makes for a sunset you’ll never forget.